Sea Cargo & Freight Forwarding

Be it a new venture or any old established venture, transportation or logistics services is a common link between all ventures. Some ventures need air cargo, some might need sea cargo or some trucking services. The choices can vary depending on the product, time required, the sensitivity of the product and many other factors.

What links the world today is the logistics network to create the reachability of your product to the right market. A company needs complete planning to choosing the right logistics company as per the reachability of their product to the right markets.

Today’s market-place has GLOBALLY WARMED UP.

Availability is just on the click of a button. Squeezing of life on a click of a button has opened new choice options for the customers. The window on your screen has minimized the accessibility & maximized the market size for customer reachability at the same time. 

How SENSITIVE is your product to the market would help you decide the rest of the factors, factors like the delivery timing, availability & pricing. 

This can be achieved with the right choice of logistic partners & distribution marketing network. So the better the planning on what your product requires is reachability, visibility & accessibility. 

Now let’s take an example of 1+ mobile phones, even with a lot of smartphones in the market, it created a wave. The strategy planning & the online setup of the product was amazingly marked apart from it being a great product. 

What the company achieved on was strategised with the right mix of planning, the right type of logistic/ delivery partners, the shipping time of the products to the delivery time to the customers door step.

A product can achieve great highest only  with right amount of all the planning & projecting to make it a super success product in the market. One should always remember that new ideas come into life faster than one’s product is still in the pipeline. 


With pricing of any product & its cost-effectiveness into consideration, the companies tend to buy products from countries where the pricing is reasonable compared to setting up their own manufacturing units in their countries.With the right global manufacturing partners companies have managed to achieve the desired product

Now the focus of any  NEW COMPANY shifts from manufacturing the product to the delivery of the product. The right logistics partners help the companies with the right network warehousing partners helps you achieve that.

 When it comes to international boundaries, a lot of factors come into play 

List of licenses: Every country has its set of licenses when it comes to crossing the waters. The first & foremost thing a company needs to plan is achieving all the required licenses for releasing the product from the manufacturing country to the desired destination countries.

Certifications: The first step of licenses have been achieved, any product before entering a market needs to be certified in its category. Acquiring certifications in different countries vary when you are marking & launching the product internationally. So one must always acquire the certifications to avoid last minute challanges.

LCL Loads: Once you obtain the licenses depending on the product amount you will be requiring less than container load services give you the flexibility to meet your varying requirements, reliably and under control. Providing our own consolidation services, or Multi-Country consolidation Services (MCCS) for more complex shipments, supports you in managing freight costs and shipment times. Our LCL services are enhanced by online track and trace functions, helping you gain control over shipment visibility.

FCL Loads: When the production capacity is a wide range one chooses to be a full cargo load.  Meaning we can designate an ideal place to get space on ships and find schedules that will work, with competitive rates. FCL services are also supported by web-based tracking systems enabling you to gain visibility of your shipment status so that the product hits the market in the right time.

Freight Forwarding: The containers of your products are ready to be shipped before that we the right freight forwarding agents. Once the shipment reaches the docs the next important step becomes the freight forwarding agent. The receiver of the shipment at the destination & running all the clearances as per schedules. 

Some materials/ products could also fall under this catogery requiring a different set of attention 

Non Containerised Cargo

  • Cargo readiness checks at the port- Different countries allow certain cargo/products & non-permits a few cargos. This service helps you not only to check the readiness of the cargo but also inform about the certain non-permitted products in that particular country.
  • Loading supervision- All cargos/ products need special attention in terms of the loading process. Most of the damage to a cargo is done in the loading process. The right type of stuffing of the product is very important as that saves you a lot of challenges of the damage of the product. The loading supervision has to be executed with professional help.
  • Port captain service- Checking of all the necessary requirements for the sail, looking into the safety measures, inspection duties have to be integrated before the sail.

LOGISTICS TECHNOLOGY- Non containerized, oversized industrial equipment and large machine parts present their own handling and stowage challenges in the supply chain GLOBALLY. A logistics partner has the skills and diversity of experience to ensure a safe, reliable movement around the globe. A RIGHT LOGISTIC PARTNER CAN  have better ways to do things and have the track record of innovating in logistics technology including development of transportation with controlled atmosphere (CA) technology.

PROJECT CARGO- Special treatment in terms of planning & executing the process is required for Project Cargo. A right logistics team having deep experience in all modes of transport. They, in turn, can draw on local hands-on expertise to handle the most complex project cargo, from concept, through planning to final execution.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL- One of the most delicately handled projects & with the help of dedicated logistic partners can be achieved well. As these goods are time sensitive at all times one has to be very precise with the temperatures. Selection of the right temperature managed vehicles with the right distribution channel partners needs to be taken under consideration. The right ambient and temperature controlled containers and warehouses can meet the most demanding requirements of the food, aerospace and high tech industries.

A wide variety of options are available to fulfill your unique shipping needs, including a budget solution, an express solution or a combination of both.

 More than this, knowing & understand the world from your perspective and working to support them and your business is what the right blend of a logistic partner can create. The concept of a logistics partner runs through everything one does, from finding the best schedule for shipments to selecting the best way of organizing, splitting or sharing loads, integrating other value-added services, and providing constantly reliable and quality service.

If you still have queries related to connecting with the right partners do write to us.


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