Temperature Controlled Logistic Services

When your product is sensitive all you need is SAFEGUARDING your TEMPERATURE SENSITIVE CARGO. The biggest & the most prioritized matter finding the right logistic partners to join hands to create a desired blueprint for your product.

So what comes to your mind before entering the market of super sensitive or super delicate stuff to manufacture.

The market of sensitive items could be numerous like food items, medicines, the transportation of perishable food products, temperature critical chemicals, pharmaceuticals, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), or even aviation fuel, reliable temperature controlled services are a vital part of supply chain management. Your Product requires a world-class temperature controlled and controlled atmosphere services, across the supply chain, delivering cargo to destination in perfect condition.

The few things that a Manufacturer of Sensitive product companies should bore in mind

before entering the manufacturing.

  • Time-frame of manufacturing the product.
  • Taking care of the right codes
  • Manufacturing date of the product
  • Selection of the required certifications for the product
  • Taking care of the Government policies with rest of the states
  • Knowing the right distribution partners
  • Collaborating with the right Distribution networks
  • Maintaining the right temperatures. ( As every product is different, certain products require a higher temperature controlled vehicles)
  • Transport temperatures, options
    o    Room temperature        +15 – +25 °C
    o    Refrigerated                       +2 –  +8 °C
    o    Frozen                                          -18 °C
    o    Dry ice                                          -79 °C
    o    Liquid nitrogen                         -196 °C

TransHUB as a HUB provides dedicated and managed fleets with temperature-control capabilities and secure temperature controlled hubs. This network provides a seamless cold chain solution with multi-client consolidation and shared-user transport a safe and cost-effective option. Produce freshness, product shelf-life, and uncompromised API viability are protected through strict monitoring, quality checks, and reporting. Cold chain flexibility that is demonstrably compliant safeguarding your Temperature Sensitive Cargo at all times.

Having a rolled out distribution centers nationwide supporting at the client’s desired temperature range. In TransHUB, we help you handle not only storage operations but also a one-stop process from inventory control and distribution processing to transportation and delivery, providing flexible logistics services suited to the plans and needs of clients.

If you are looking for any of the services involves the following steps that the company needs TransHUB helps you collaborating for the :

1. Primary distribution.
Primary distribution involves transportation from manufacturing facility to cold storages or mother hubs across the country.

2. Warehousing.
Once the goods are received at cold storages, the goods are stored at optimal conditions till an order for the same is procured. The service also involves managing the goods and maintaining the stock as per customer requirement using LIFO/FIFO/FEFO method.

3. Inventory Management.
Inventory management involves complete stock management for the customer. This involves keeping a detailed report of physical stock, inwards and dispatches. Inventory management also ensures a close check on all quality measures of the goods such as expiration dates, temperature variance, etc.

4. Order Management.
Order management involves receiving dispatch orders on the customers behalf and making the goods ready for dispatch. This service engages in packing, repacking, labeling, bulk breaking, grading and sorting facilities. The company provides services of generating invoices and payment collection on behalf of our customers.

5. Secondary distribution. 
Secondary distribution involves transportation from cold storages to distribution centers or to wholesalers, finally to reach to the end consumer.

TransHUB helps you to integrate, coordinate, and manage functions for the efficient sourcing, storing and distribution with collaborating & choosing with the right partners.

The HUB offers a full range of value added services for manufacturers and retailers, making it possible to maximise the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under all temperature controlled environments TransHUB is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customised supply chain systems.

If you are looking for the right partners to distribute & network for your sensitive controlled logistics, do share your queries.

If you still have queries related to connecting with the right partners do write to us.

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